Why NanoHealth

NanoHealth is a social enterprise specializing in chronic disease management and provides holistic managed care services by creating local health networks and using innovative technology to bring cost-effective health care at the doorstep. NanoHealth creates a network of community health workers called Saathis and equips them with a low-cost point-of-care device called the Doc-in-a-Bag™. NanoHealth's Saathis, who are well-trained and empowered, form a strong network of caregivers extending the reach of healthcare right to the doorstep of the patient.

Our Vision

To reduce psychological, financial and healthcare cost of chronic disease by supporting the patient through the entire life cycle of the disease by providing affordable care at the doorstep.

Our Mission

To reduce the socioeconomic burden of chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases, intervention at any one point in the health care delivery value chain is not enough. We aspire to revolutionize chronic disease care in urban slums by addressing the challenges of under-diagnosis, non-standardized treatment and poor prescription compliance. By creating a network of community health workers (called “Saathis" meaning “a friend”) and enabling them with a point of care, diagnostic device called “Doc-in-a-Bag”, which can record disease markers and risk-profile the patients for diabetes and hypertension, we aim to extend the reach of the health system right to the doorstep of the slum dweller. Through our monitoring and counseling services we want to achieve higher rates of prescription compliance to ensure that disease aggravation is prevented, reducing overall health system costs. Through our network of doctors, pharmacies and Saathis we aim to become one-stop shop for all services related to chronic disease management.